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Rebecca Matthews

I am a confessed shopaholic! I just love doing it for other people. When I was 10, I started putting together outfits for myself so that I would not repeat them to school within the month. I always had an eye for what looked good on my friends and family, so moving into this business was natural for me.

During my years working for the retailers J. Crew, Abercrombie & Fitch, and Harold Powell, I learned a lot about the mistakes people make in buying clothes. I began to hone my skills as a fit expert by working with so may different body types. I also learned about the colors that make everyone look better by having them on.

Starting in 1999, I helped my former clients from my store days in their homes by cleaning out their wardrobes and helping them navigate the shopping malls and boutiques in Houston. In the process, I gained a reputation for being a personal shopper that is efficient, keeping an eye on my clients budget, and helping make the shopping process a lot more fun. I also gained a lot of personal referrals that built my business to what it is today. I work every day with clients to make them feel better about their personal image with the clothes that they buy and have in their wardrobe. I love what I do and can’t wait to help you.

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