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We love to tell people what to wear, how to wear it, and where to buy it.  In a group setting, Rebecca can show specific examples of her topics.  There are 3 different types of seminars that we do.  Rebecca can come with a power point presentation that will show some of the great things that are out for the season.  She can also bring a rack of examples of her favorites from the mall and boutiques.  Putting together a complete runway fashion show including models that will show off the latest fashions is also an option.  Whether it is for your women’s group at your club, the networking group in your area, or just a fun group of people, we can adjust our seminar to fit your needs to help you build the personal image you are looking for.

  • How to be Chic on a Budget
  • Tips and Trends for the Season
  • Smart Shopping Habits
  • Decluttering your Closet
  • Building a Holiday Wardrobe
  • How to Clean, Build and Maintain your Wardrobe
  • Secrets of the Shopping Savvy
  • Dressing for your Body Type


Rebecca can follow your dress code and deliver a fun message about how to dress appropriately for work.  Her clients for these seminars have included Exxon/Mobil, Waste Management, and Nabors Industries.  We can speak to the issues that your particular company is having with developing a dress code, how to implement it, and how to enforce it. We can also help employees dress to their personal image while following a dress code. Hiring a third party is sometimes the easiest way to get a dress code point across.  Rebecca can create a power point presentation or bring specific examples for the needs of your company.

  • Building a Business Wardrobe
  • Making Casual Friday Work all Week
  • Polishing your Image
  • Look Great Every Day
  • Business Etiquette


This is a great way to start your teens off on the right shopping shoe!  We can help teens learn their shopping patterns, how to adjust them and make the most of their budgets.  Building a wardrobe is a tricky process that Rebecca can make a lot easier for both mother and daughter by giving some tips on specific ways to add to your wardrobe each year.  Getting ready for college?  This is a fun party for graduating seniors so that they can pull together a wardrobe for Rush and college responsibilities that fits their personal image.  Beginning the talk about what is appropriate for interviewing is also a topic that can be approached.  Peppering in the trends of the season makes this seminar fun for all.

  • Preparing for Rush
  • Building a Wardrobe that Works
  • Dressing for your Body Type


Rebecca has a story to share. She’s a wife, mom, an entrepreneur, and most of all of a Woman of God. She’s been through many transitions in her life and can help you make it through yours too. With inspirational humor, Rebecca can help you balance your life in this crazy world we live in. Seminars include:
  • How to Maintain a Good Life/Work Balance
  • Keeping Your Faith, Your Focus and Your Family Through Transitions Both Big and Small
  • Raising Girls to Honor Themselves and Others in a Disrespectful World

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