The 5 Things You Need for Spring

1.  Ruffles are one of the biggest trends of the season!  On the shoulder, at the hip, at the knee, or ankle. Choose your best asset to put it on because it will be the focus!  I love this top from Zara.  It is just enough to cover the top of your arm and a great color.  Pair with boyfriend jeans, slacks, or a fun skirt.



2. Floral motifs are everywhere.  Be careful where you put it and how big the print is.  Large prints on small bodies tend to where that body!

  These shorts are super cute but super short for those of you of a certain age.  You can determine if they are good for you and your legs – but you don’t want people talking about you behind your back – so beware.  This Maxi is perfect for the upcoming warmer months.  This is a bold print that you will need to make sure that the flowers are not directly over your breasts.  



3.  A new white shirt – that’s not white! Shirting options    are available far and wide.  Stripes and bows and wrapping are not just for presents.  Your biggest obstacle with this trend will be your body type and finding the right shirt that fits your torso.  There are also lots of big sleeves.  These will be in your dinner plate if they are full length.





4.  Shoulders are in! – or out depending on how you look at it.  Cold, one shoulder, or off the shoulder – whatever you choose you can find it.  These can be worn both casually and dressy.  Pair with your favorite jean, skirt or even your sporty shoe.








5. Embroidery is abundant.  This is not your grandmother’s sewing project! Please don’t pull out your old stuff thinking it will work now. Watch where it lands to make it most flattering and only wear one piece at a time.  Don’t buy too many, not sure this trend will be here for long. TopsPants,  and even shoes are getting in on the fun.