5 great gifts for grads – part 1

Looking for the perfect gift for your graduating Sr? I have done some asking around of recently graduates and this is what they have loved having in their dorm rooms this semester.

  1.  Tumblers/water bottles.  Both guys and gals love to carry their water with them – and being so very conscience of the environment, they love these reusable ones.  Choose to monogram the ones for the girls – not the boys!   Choose Plastic or aluminum – either are a great choice.


2.  Towels –   I’ve had really good luck at Costco for thick towels and you can get matching hand towels and wash cloths.  These 3 ideas are great for the girls – a round lawn blanket – great for sitting around campus between classes, the towel wrap – girls like to be at least a little covered between a communal bath and their rooms, and a new beach towel – Some may not have had a new one since they were little.  Handy for gong on weekend getaways! All can be found on Etsy


3.  Speaking of Showers – a good Shower Caddy!  Transferring all of the products they need back and forth requires a little help.  I found one made of mesh (doesn’t get moldy as quickly), one in plastic (needs to be rinsed regularly), and one made of cork – who knows – this one could be used as a flotation device!



4.  Wall monograms were a favorite among the girls.  These come in all shapes, sizes, fonts, colors, and materials – you can custom design one for almost any price point! Here are a few suggestions… in Iron, wall decals and in wood.



5.  Here’s one for the boys – a Cool Bag to carry across campus. This bag most likely will need to carry a laptop, books and spirals among other things.  Here are some that I found that are cool. Leather is always in style.  Grey  works as a neutral. . And the most durable would be canvas.

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