Natalie Daniels Spring/Summer 2014 Trend Report

I recently had the opportunity to fly to New York for Fashion Week and work behind the scenes in 14 different fashion shows. The fashion shows I worked were a variety of both Ready to Wear (the type of clothes we’ll be seeing in stores next Spring) and Red Carpet (the gowns we’ll likely be seeing celebrities wear during award season). There were several trends that were seen across the board no matter what the style of clothing:

1) Volume-expect to see silhouettes with a lot of volume come Spring. We are seeing this shape in everything from jackets, to tops, and skirts. Some of the runway interpretations of volume may not be practical for our everyday fashion style so try to incorporate the trend as it fits into your lifestyle. For example, one rule for volume is to make sure that it is proportionate-If you are wearing a loose top try and pair it with a skinnier pant and vice versa. If you are wearing a wider leg pant, try pairing it with a more fitted top.



2) Minimalism-We can expect to see clean lines and neutrals (Black/White/Beige) for Spring. In addition to the minimal style of the garments, we will also see an extension of the black and white color-blocking trend.

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3) Pastels and Primary Colors– While we will continue to see the pastel trend crossover in 2014 a new color trend was walking the runways this Fall. True primary colors (think of the rainbow) will be making their way into stores next Spring. There was a mix of both pastels and primary colors on the runway and sometimes even in the same collection.

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These trends will be hitting the stores starting in December.  Let me help you decipher what will be best for you and your lifestyle!

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